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There are innumerable websites - some better than others - providing a wealth of information on all aspects of travel to, and life in, France in general and the Dordogne in particular. Here are just a few that you may find useful. (Unless otherwise indicated, links are to sites in English.)

General information : 

The official site of the Périgord tourist authority
Thinking of moving to France? Anglo Info has everything you need for life in another country

Travel information :

Travel services, access and online booking at Bergerac airport (in French)
Everything you need to know about Bordeaux Mérignac airport
Flights, events, offers and information for Limoges airport

To learn more about Angoulême train station
Eurostar UK : online booking and information for leisure, frequent and business travellers
SNCF travel, transport and logistics : Flash version (requires high-speed connection) or click here for HTML

EuroTunnel - the motorists' number one choice for crossing the Channel

Local weather forecast :

Météo France provides short-range forecasts for the Dordogne (in French)
National and international weather news and forecasts from MSN (in French)
At a glance 7-day weather forecast for the Aquitaine region

Tourist attractions :

Semitour Périgord : the official website for Lascaux 2, the Château de Bourdeilles and other ancient places of interest
The gallo-roman museum of Vesunna, and other information on the ancient city of Périgueux
Museum of traditional and popular arts : Musée Voulgre, Mussidan
In need of adventure? Try canoeing or climbing with Brantôme Canoë
Canoeing too energetic? Take a leisurely boat trip on the Dordogne in a traditional 'gabarre'

Eating out :

The Frères Charbonnel at Brantôme


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